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SWIFT is an ultra-secure messaging platform to connect the financial community encompassing 11,000+ financial institutions across 200 countries and territories. In 2016, this world’s leading provider of financial messaging services introduced the Customer Security Programme or CSP. CSP is a dedicated program to fortify the security of the SWIFT-related infrastructure in light of the growing cyber-attacks

The program has objectives:

CSP Infrastructure Review and Gap Analysis

  • Secure and protect the customers’ local network,
  • Know and limit access to third parties, and
  • Detect and respond as a community to prevent future attacks.
  • Banking and securities organizations, market infrastructures, and corporate customers in India are required to comply with these guidelines by June 2020. They would have to renew this compliance every year. Read more.

    In 2018, a team of banking, financial, and tech experts founded FiniQe. The team comprises of former SWIFT employees who have exposure to both technical and business aspects of the industry.

    Our services revolve around the SWIFT domain - consulting, project delivery, implementation, integration, and training services.

    Our approach to implementation &/ integration of SWIFT CSP in the client’s environment is deeply rooted in the team’s collective work experience in the financial domain combined with their extensive exposure to the SWIFT. Our SWIFT Cyber experts will help you assess and adhere to SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework v2019 and SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework v2020.

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