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At FiniQe, we take cybersecurity very seriously. Furthermore, in light of the focus on Cyber Resilience by the SWIFT Institute, we have been using our field research to build a resilient and sustainable security model for all our clients. Our approach to SWIFT CSP Assistance is two-pronged:

The CSP will cover two areas of security

1. CSP Infrastructure Review and Gap Analysis

SWIFT experts from FiniQe will conduct an onsite SWIFT CSCF Assessment to will analyze your institution’s SWIFT infrastructure and evaluate it for the CSP Objectives, Principals, and Controls. The detailed analysis of loopholes and gaps that weaken the integrity of the system will focus on:

  • Software Integrity Reports
  • Database Integrity Reports
  • Malware Protection
  • Logging and Monitoring trails

2. Controls Implementation

  • SWIFT related controls implementation service
  • Our team of professionals can recommend a list of realistic, necessary technology and process evolutions to facilitate the implementation of the Mandatory and Optional SWIFT CSP controls. Our team is cognizant of the overlaps that might arise with the existing cyber regulatory protocols and would consider it to ensure minimal duplication of efforts.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication for SWIFT Alliance Access
  • Financial institutions are increasingly favoring Multi-Factor Authentication solutions (MFA Solutions) because of the successful attacks on Single Factor Authentication systems. We provide the implementation of reliable MFA solutions in the form of software and hardware tokens. Entrust IdentityGuard is a unique identity application to protect your network from malicious cyber threats.

  • Assistance in External Audit
  • We offer assistance to organizations looking for internal auditors to validate their security framework. We work together to help the organization comply with the CSP mandatory controls and provide support during an external audit. We also generate comprehensive documentation following your organization’s infrastructure to assist you during an external audit. We also help financial institutions prepare for the SWIFT CSP attestation.

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